Pull up a stool and have a drink, The Bar is a great place to socialise. Chat about sport, news, current affairs and anything else. If you are new to the forum its a good place to start.
How do, I'm Owd Lankie a.k.a Andre. Lancashire and England supporter. Usually found in the bar watching with a pint of bitter in hand.  Don't get a lot of time to watch live cricket so keep in touch using websites and score sites / Twitter for commentary on big games .

Hi everyone, my name is Jack and I run The Chinaman Blog which can be viewed here http://thechinamanblog.wordpress.com/. I support Essex (my Dad's from that neck of the woods) but have never been to a game at Chelmsford but would like to.
I have recently set up my blog just to write down my views and share them with others. I have a twitter account - my username is @thechinamanblog. That's pretty much me!

For those of you who don't know me I go by corkball. Life long Durham fan. I am a big fan of Gordon Muchall. I look after the Gordon Muchall is a Hero Facebook page. not that it does anything

I'm all in favour of not signing overseas players on short term contracts as this only stops the youth coming through. Because of this it makes me a bit controversial around the ground
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