Pull up a stool and have a drink, The Bar is a great place to socialise. Chat about sport, news, current affairs and anything else. If you are new to the forum its a good place to start.
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By Alex
Use this thread for discussing rugby. Personally I support Sale Sharks and we are having a bit of a mixed season due to injuries.
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By Bradders
As a born and bred Northants lad I know that I should follow the Saints.  I live in a Northants village that is Saints daft and our one and only local is a bit of a magnet for that sort.  Fact is though that whilst I do enjoy a bit of rugger and do keep a lazy eye on the Saints, I am not really interested in them beyond that level.  Passionately follow England in rugby and have been to Twickenham a few times and will certainly go again, but I just can't really get into the whole Saints thing.  The only times I have been to Franklin Gardens have all been work related.  I guess the fact is that I get my real local sporting buzz through the cricket.
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By Alex
Brilliant win tonight for Sale at Harlequins, never expected that result before the game. Very good start to the weekend!  :joy:
By LankyShark
England 1-0 up v. Scotland with the (only) cricket win.

Can the rugby team make it 2-0 on Saturday?  I would certainly hope so, but there is always the danger of a shock. 

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