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By mav
My first game on a new version is always with Leeds, I will give that a season or two (or till I am sacked!) then will follow the LLM path.

That is, start at a lower league club (Northern Irish 2nd division), only scout etc where is realistic, then attempt to jump ship enough times (again only when realistic) to get to either manage Leeds or take the top job for Northern Ireland.

I am finding 15 a bit to much right now tbh, I want to tell my coaches to retrain people but not do the coaching myself.

I want control the way the stiffs and youth play and train but not control them myself.

I do want to control the contracts though!

How are you finding it?
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By Alex
I started with Man Utd and have done one season so far and won everything, although Rooney has now asked to leave along with a few other players being unhappy due to playing time. One player who I did sell and get a good deal for was Rafael, managed to sell him to PSG for £40 million (god knows what they were thinking!)

I tend to let the coaches take the training as I can't be bothered to as its too time consuming! :lol

The main trouble with Utd is the debt, the board reduced the % I get for transfers down to 30% and I got a transfer budget of 750k! (I did sign Falcao late in the season which would have impacted on it!)
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By mav
The Mighty Carrick Rangers are into the second cup final of the season and are just 2 points off the top!

:lol :lol
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By mav
I am finding it very easy to stop playing, not sure if that is down to the game or me getting older but I suspect it is down to the game becoming cluttered and over complicated.
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By Alex
Whilst the attention to detail of the game is excellent, it takes too long to play which is one of the main reasons I am not playing it at any great length as I feel I'm not making progress on the game.

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