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djronnieb65 wrote:
Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:07 pm
Great to see Morgan getting a ton and also that he is in the squad against Gloucester
I stated last season that I believe that Morgan will develop into a top opening batsman more than a bowler
He has a great resolve when batting and is unfazed by whatever the wicket does
I will still stick by my statement that Morgan will develop into a very fine batsman
I also more than hopeful of victory tomorrow with or without runs from Rudolph
Smith just reached 50 opening in the 2nd team game. Should he be considered as a 1st team opener? Probably has stronger credentials than Morgan as he opened for Wales, South and West Region and England in the same age group as Morgan. Completely different proposition opening in a 2nd team game and opening against 1st class seamers. Not saying they can't do it but cannot draw too many conclusions from 2nd team cricket.
What it does mean is that there is no shortage of batting potential and runs among the bowlers but their main responsibility is taking 20 wickets. For that reason I would like to see us play 5 proper bowlers in Championship games (that does not include Lloyd).
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