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glamman wrote:
Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:30 am
Most pleased with Carey's performance bowling in the power play against Klinger. Great figures and if he stays fit then could be an interesting selection problem when TvdG comes back. Might be sensible to give him a rest on Sunday but must come into consideration for the Sussex or Somerset game perhaps in place of Hogan. He must be growing in confidence.
Meschede also made a good come back so the batting looks a bit stronger.
Feel a bit sorry for Salter who had to bowl at two set right handers. Should be better against left handers and perhaps utilise Ingram against right handers - he certainly came good with the ball yesterday.
Yes. When you have a team under pressure you have to find that balance between continuing to attack and getting through some overs. Probably Salter should have come on a bit earlier. He often does for runs but also gets a couple out by holding his nerve.

I agree it's a good balance to have. With Timm back and Wagg's left arm we'll have even more options
Watched the match between Somerset and Surrey on television. Unbelievable that Somerset should be 25 for 5 with Surrey in complete control, then Van de Merwe makes 160+ not out to win it.

Should be a good match on Sunday - enjoyable listening, I hope - very envious of those who can go along to watch but commentary is usually very good.
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