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By Nick_Glam
duckworthlewis wrote:
Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:55 pm
Nick_Glam wrote:
Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:49 pm
Not happy reading for Lloyd...
Wagg in instead for next game ?
If he's fit, that seems a no-brainer.

Even if he's not, Lloyd will be fortunate to keep his place.
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By Ger27
I think these averages speak volumes. The message from Rudolph over the summer (probably facing the financial realities) was that there was no need to sign a batsman. Having just finished a game with Salter batting at 3, that statement now looks even more ridiculous than it did at the time.

Looking ahead to next season, the first team squad for the County Championship looks something like this:

Top order: Selman, Bragg
Middle order: Cooke, Donald, Carlson (Uni for part of the season)
All-Rounders: Lloyd, Salter, Meschede, Morgan, Wagg (if contract renewed)
Strike Bowlers: Hogan, de Lange, Carey, van der Gugten

Lots of work to be done ahead of next season, which should probably start now if we want to compete for promotion. In order of priority, I reckon there's a need to:

1. Find 2x Top Order batsmen, one of which can be overseas
2. Find a Batting Coach
3. Find a Middle Order batsman
4. Renew Wagg's contract
5. Get an Overseas T20 player

(But hoping that a young player will do well this season and negate the need for some of the above!)

The question I guess is how low down that list will the club's finances allow Hugh Morris/Robert Croft to go.
By hujon64
Whose contracts are renewable, please? Know Rudolph is leaving which will mean a large sum available and Ingram, only playing T20 and one dayers but lots of needs! Is Hogan likely to continue as Captain?
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