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6 nations and any international rugby day in Cardiff has made the city a no go area for many on match days in recent years...and is replicated in the towns.  People who have no clue about the game attend in their silly hats etc and boo opposition kickers...even other anthems...spoiling it for many...yet nothing is ever said in the media.  Tickets cost up to £90 and available to anyone...not all via the clubs these days... and the Millenium Stadium gets sold the state of the game here is seen as being in good shape because of the three times a year brigade is anything but where the regions and clubs are concerned. Cricket should have more self respect to degenerate to aspire to all that.

If franchise t20 goes ahead...whichever grounds are used and crowds attracted must justify the tv contract. I'm looking forward to hearing more about how it is hoped to pan out. On tv in the "debate" before the play on the Saturday of this years Leeds test David Lloyd said in the new t20 those counties not involved can practice to get better at it. I wondered if that is a veiled comment or the truth.  Regions or standalone counties...or whatever..we'll see in time but I'd hate cricket to sell its soul even more than it has.
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By davee
There is a big difference between International Sport which is normally in short supply live and Local / Regional Sport which is / will be regular and not at convienient  times, the plan to supply 1 a day for TV will lead to matches played in empty grounds like the Tests abroad then there will  only be a requirement for lights not Test Grounds. People will soon get fed up of being asked to cough up to watch The Northern Nobodies against The Southern Softies or The Western Wallies. Then the 'Big Ticket' will be to watch the public hangings of  Graves, Harrison & Strauss et al.

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