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By Iron Mike
It's happening...

Perfect opportunity to supplement the fc counties fixture list in the cc reduction when the city based t20 is on...even all summer?

Legacy of the Ireland cwc 07 super 8 performance and progress on ICC stage thereafter. Their side needs new blood and great way to generate their national side within fc status. A strong Irish county game will get them test status. I'll give them 5-10 years if tests go d1/d2 at end of a cycle in d2.

Also great way to help keep fc counties here on the park to keep everyone happy.  Irish provinces will surely also recruit their own back from fc 2nd xis to join their own organically grown side.  I don't blame them for wanting to push on and wish them well.

Counties surely ideally placed to host an Irish fc side at an outground. Glam have 3, 2 used this last year for cc..with one less home cc game next and onwards this is surely a great way to keep everyone satisfied if the will and support is there. For example a recurring argument on the Glam forum is lack of cricket at Swansea...a week of fc Munster or someone across 3 formats in guaranteed good weather (after all the city t20 will be on) is more than what they get at present..even doubling the allocation!

Other fc counties likewise if their test city hq is being used...oh and the possible away trips...Limerick Dublin etc in fc friendlies or Anglo-Irish competition that matter. After all the tourists don't play everyone over a whole summer these days, the universities have block fixtures and minor counties don't play v fc in-season. Those players not in the city t20 therefore still get time in the middle, which is what players, coaches and county supporters surely want. By helping Ireland grow stronger from playing their provinces the counties here can do so much to help themselves too. Look at fixture lists from yesteryear in their variation...this could be a win-win all round.

Be great to hear everyone's views.
By Iron Mike
Or both...who knows what the EWCB will come up with in the future!

Ireland come over for a short ODI series next summer - if they turn England over again it would certainly add to the argument for their game to be further developed/invested in to make the step up from Associate to Test status.

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