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By chris
Just looking at this:

not many counties look as if they have actually strengthened their squads so far.

Derbyshire maybe difficult to assess
Somerset (as Rogers will be replaced)
Warwickshire maybe

with these all looking weaker, comparing the ins against the outs, so far.


rest no changes announced or pretty similar like for like change.

Money tight?
By Iron Mike
The merry-go-round still turns.

In d2 Leicester made a clutch of experienced signings last year and were far stronger so may not sign many more aftet Ackerman now.

Glos re-signed Norwell I see and didn't Northampton get Luis Reece?

At Glam we really missed Chris Cooke and Colin Ingram for most of the summer. Having them back full-time next summer will be like having two new signings for us.

With the game in Ireland now fc/list a perhaps some county twos players will migrate over there too.
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By chris
[quote="Iron Mike"]
The merry-go-round still turns.

.... didn't Northampton get Luis Reece?


Luis went to Derbyshire.  They have lots of ins and outs.  Need one to come off for it to be a good off season.  Reece and Wilson (ex Surrey) maybe an improvement over Chesney Hughes, Durston and Callum Parkinson but might not be.
By Iron Mike
Thanks...Derby it was then! Chesney Hughes hit a ton at Colwyn Bay to help make us bat again last July. I wonder if he will get another county. Durston of course got back in the pro game after starring for the Unicorns including beating Glam a few summers ago.

Ryan McLaren good signing for Lancs.
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