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By Iron Mike
A leading light in the ladies' game who effectively laid the foundations for the pro players and ICC tournaments in all formats prevalent today.

There was a ladies group in front of us in the pavilion stand at the Ashes double header t20i at Cardiff who were from a team in the midlands.  They pointedly comnented that such a distinguished and respected figure in the game made time to talk to them. Royalty indeed. ... olves-dies
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By gmdf
Back in c. 1974 I was working as a Christmas temp at my local GPO office. One day, whilst sorting mail (which then included throwing parcels into a series of bags that were hung vertically from frames, each going to a different geographical area) some of the workers started throwing a parcel around - it was clearly a ball, wrapped in brown paper (no box/other proper packaging). When it came to me I realised by its weight/size it was probably a cricket ball - there was a label for the address and I noted it was addressed to 'Mrs Rachel Heyhoe-Flint'! No return address so I never knew who was sending her, then Captain of the England Women's team, of course, a cricket ball.

But we had some fun with it!
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