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By brummy41
Yorkshire County Cricket Club are kings of Twitter!

Not only have they won the most County Championships (32 plus one shared) ahead of Surrey (18+1) and Middlesex (11+2), but their number of followers on the online news and social networking service dwarfs their rivals.

So what, I hear you ask. Commercial activity, number of members, number of attendees… all these things are surely more important in gauging who is top dog on the county scene.

Yep, I hear you, it’s just a bit of fun really, but I do think a county’s Twitter following gives an indication of who is most popular.

Twitter is 11 years old. 319m monthly active users tweet and read its 140-character soundbytes.

The age breakdown of its followers is as follows:

18-24, 18.2%;
25-34, 22.2%;
35-44, 20%;
45-54, 16.7%;
55-64, 14.5;
65+, 8.4.

So the following table perhaps indicates who has the largest following among younger, computer-literate people.

There are some interesting figures, though. Yorkshire – with 80,100 followers – are the leviathans of the domestic game. Surrey are next, with 59,500. Somerset have a big following, in third.

Kent are some way down, despite boasting the second-largest recreational playing pool (behind Yorkshire), as are county champions Middlesex.

1) Yorkshire 80,100

2) Surrey 59,500

3) Somerset 57,100

4) Lancashire 52,500

5) Essex 47,200

6) Sussex 43,800

7) Nottinghamshire 41,100

8) Durham 39,700

9) Hampshire 37,400

10) Worcestershire 37,300

11) Kent 35,500

12) Warwickshire 35,000

13) Middlesex 32,700

14) Northamptonshire 31,900

15) Glamorgan 30,700

16) Derbyshire 28,100

17) Gloucestershire 27,900

18) Leicestershire 25,800

*Figures correct March 2017
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