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By TWrex
returns to Sky this Sunday. Hopefully it will revert to its original format after last year's shambles, there was not much time to talk but plenty of effort exerted to stop the papers blowing away. A great example of something working well so let's completely change it & create a dogs dinner instead. Not back to 90 minutes, but at least it is an hour so there should be enough time to get some decent conversation going, let's see what we are offered.
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By Iron Mike
Last season's offering was appalling. The much trumpeted bigged up extended debate about t20 lasted just one line or so with Lloyd saying the rest of the players will have time to practice t20 when the pro game shuts down to accommodate our own Big Bash. Cheers.

Ater the wonderful cc ending last year I hope they talk about the county game in depth more often about issues in the shires. Having a commentator on to say like it or lump it..and that's that..isn't enough.
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By TWrex
Back to the old format thank goodness, Sky even went to the extent of knocking down the New Warner Stand & rebuilding its predecessor so it could appear in the background of their studio overlooking Lord's. Well Paul Allot said it was overlooking the ground so it must be true :whistle: .
I was a bit harsh with my earlier criticism of the programme last year , after all to completely mess up such a simple, successful long running programme does need a special sort of talent I suppose :crazy:
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By TWrex
No sign of the Warner Stand today in any guise, old or new, this morning. When the camera was on Paul Allot it was the media centre and one end of the grandstand in view over his shoulder. The main thing of course is that the programme is back on track with the focus on good chat and not trying to stop the papers flying away, and the hour duration does allow the discussions to develop.

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