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By TWrex
Worcs., taking a bit of a pasting in the Royal London Cup. Hopefully they will stay down for the next week & not come out all angry & fighting against Kent.
From the tele the ground looks in good shape with plenty of building having taken place since I last saw it. I suppose comparisons can be made to the work at Canterbury, but one thing Worcester have the advantage no question, the back drop. Who had the brilliant idea of building the Cathedral right by the ground, brilliant thinking.
Hopefully all Kent followers who travel will enjoy a good game & see a Kent win, especially a thought for those who had such a frustraing time down there last season.
The annoying thing about the tv coverage was the camera going into the Ladies Pavilion & showing all the wonderful cakes available, they looked so close but were actually so far away.
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By TWrex
We made a good job of getting out of a poor start & getting into a winning position. But that was where it stopped, a disappointing loss for Kent, but well done to Worcs. for the victory, overcoming the glitch in the 350's.
Went to see the Lions yesterday & was surprised to see so few in attendance, the catering wagon left early afternoon along with Mr Donut who didn't even open . The weather was fine, not much red ball cricket left at Canterbury this season & plenty of young star players not normally seen at the St. Lawrence in the 4 day game. Still I enjoyed the day.
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