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By TWrex
Good day at Tunbridge Wells yesterday & hopefully Kent can add a few this morning.
Fine weather, some poor dismissals between the battling innings & attacking shots.
Sussex bowled and fielded well with Danny Briggs given plenty of overs, all watched by a more than decent crowd in the sunshine.
It must be a bit like time travelling for Sussex and their supporters, going back to the good old days of championship cricket , two out grounds in a week after being at Horsham from last Sunday. Hopefully the good weather will hold and a good well fought match will last the four days with an exciting finish (Kent winning of course :yes: ) for those attending. Sadly don't think I will be able to go again, just recovered from an awful two week cold/virus and yesterday has rather worn me out. All that heat and an eventful bus diversion to get to Orpington station has got the better of me I am afraid.
By HHSussex
, two out grounds in a week after being at Horsham from last Sunday
I must have missed that game, having been at Hove watching Sussex beat Durham :)

Unfortunately someone played a cruel trick, and though the side at Tunbridge Wells bears the same names as the Durham-beaters, they are clearly not the same team. If anyone finds them, would they please hand them in c/o Rob Andrew, CEO, Sussex Cricket, Hove.
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By TWrex
I have no idea where I got the idea of a match being played at Horsham, but I did say I had been quite unwell :violin: , so perhaps the cocktail of extra medicine for that with my usual daily intake of prescribed pills got the better/worst of me? Although it must be said I did try to buy my discount senior railway fare with my bus pass on Friday.
As for last week's Sussex team maybe they took a wrong turn have turned up at Horsham this week, mind you the way things are going they might as well have. Still the wicket at T W normally stays the course so maybe they will bat it out as last season. I have checked, Sussex did play at the Neville 2016.
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