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By life of riley
So many issues need to be resolved if Kent CCC are going to improve on this seasons disappointing performances. After a good start we fell away badly and made no real impact in either the 50 or 20 over competitions. It seems obvious that our bowling attack is very weak and without D. Stevens would be far worse. The back up bowlers do not seem to have progressed and it is a worry that apart from the signing of G. Stewart nothing has yet been done to resolve this. Am really hoping that the club are trying to sign some players to improve the squad as if not can only see another season of struggle in 2018. Wonder what other people think and if there are plans to strengthen our squad.
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By gmdf
I'm pretty certain at least one, possibly two, fast bowlers are high on the list as far as the coach/captain wants for next season. But getting one of the required standard, especially one who is available for most, or all, of the season isn't all that easy. Remember Doug Bollinger a few years ago - hardly set the place on fire!
By life of riley
The worrying aspect is that a most of the other counties seem to be able to promote players from within who can step up to the level required. Our bowlers for whatever reason seem not to have progressed. Maybe Allan Donald will have an impact and improve them. Would be good if the club can freshen things up though as it appears we need something to change for us to move forward.
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By gmdf
I agree with you about Alan Donald - expectations regarding his impact will be high! Given that Thomas, Hunn & Haggett have all had good games/spells in the first team, we have to hope that one or more of them (plus Stewart) will make the grade and claim a regular place in the team.
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