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By Bucksman
Who ordered rain?
It most likely helped!  Now back to the tricky business of trying to score runs...
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By Alex
It was a shame Belly played a poor shot towards the end of the day as he was looking in great touch. Even with that it was probably a better day than England could have ever wished for!
By saintcobbler
May seem an odd thing to say but if the reverse had happened and the Aussies had skittled us out cheaply, would they now have been 130 odd for maybe no wicket? 2 very cheap wickets given away and one maybe a bit unfortunate. This seems harsh after England had a day beyond our wildest dreams but Bell really should have gone on after getting in and showing good form.
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By Alex
Good point, I agree with that. The wished for bit was more in relation to the previous test. After losing by over 400 runs, to bowl the Aussies out for 136 and be 3 behind at the close probably wasn't expected after they won the toss and chose to bat first.
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By Bucksman
Yes, I think, before the start of play, especially after losing the toss again, we would more than happily have settled for virtually a first innings lead with 7 wickets in hand.  Bell, though, continues to be a source of irritation and another one of his needless dismissals merely handed the opposition a bonus after a thoroughly deflating day for them.  Shades of Warner and Moeen!
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By mav
If I were in the Aussies shoes I would have put England in, then a couple of wickets down the pressure would really be on not to continue the poor form from the previous match.
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By Bucksman
Quite apart from the threat of Johnson this morning, Lyon continually manages to induce such poor shots as soon as he comes on to bowl.
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By Bucksman
Not the way he is playing today!
These are so often the crucial runs needed lower down the order.  If Moeen is happy, let him stay there.
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