Any news or views on International Cricket
By Thameseyray
Great result today a great day for me on the cricket front! Shame about Jimmy Anderson though. Hope Broad and Finn can take the slack up. We do need to get a good spinner in though as I thought we struggled this morning in our bowling. Whilst I am pleased we must not get carried away as we need to win the series and try to get the number one spot;!!!!
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By Bucksman
Great win by England!! Shame Jimmy will be missing Trent Bridge though!
In the longer term England will need to show they have the resources to prevail in life after Jimmy.  Undoubtedly, in future, a very tough act to follow, but the challenge is there for all the budding young Andersons coming into the game now.
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By Alex
Good toss to win and not a bad first over from Broad! Getting Rogers and Smith in the first over and bringing up your 300th test wicket!!
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By Alex
Good bowling, some jaffas from Broad and now an incredible catch by Stokes, one handed behind with the ball behind him.
By paulh_85
Lots said about Clark's batting, but he is on course to be top scorer.

absolutely woeful shot though.
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