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The former India spinner Anil Kumble, who has taken over the reigns as Head Coach, challenged Team India skipper Virat Kohli and his fellow batsmen to bat for an hour without being dismissed.
To make it more professional, team was asked to appear in Test whites instead of the usual match practice kits. The setting of the practice session was kept as close to the Test format as possible. Fielders were set and a scoreboard was also installed on the cricket field. Sadly, every batsmen, including 'Run Machine' Virat Kohli, failed badly as they were dismissed by bowlers not one but a couple of times.

Only Rahane came out victorious

Talented middle order batsmen Ajinkya Rahane, who got a chance to bat only after lunch, was the only batsman who showed resilience and passed the Kumble Sir's test as he batted throughout the one hour session without getting out.

Source:- Anil kumble's one hour test for team India
That's great coaching! I wonder how in depth it was.

Time in the middle and conceptualising in a simulated match situation against your own bowlers in match day kit. Albeit certainly behind closed doors but in India you can guarantee the weather to do that.

I wonder how this would have worked out...using both ends. Openers first hour, 3&4 second. Lunch then 5&6 then 7&8. Tea then 9 and all rounders. That doesn't have to be proper batting order but look at all your squad batsmen to bat from both ends and coaching team ensure equal strike.

To broaden it...all bowlers could be used in spells in rotation and rested if not fielding all day and rotate batsmen same way for slips etc. As for keepers a session each.

As for analysis etc afterwards...analysts and all coaching staff go through it all in team meeting that night as you would in realty and individual debrief the day after if not before. All on video and verbal analysis etc to make it realistic.  A whole team effort to gauge and improve everyone's skills.

Then test players can complain about getting too much coaching!

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