Any news or views on International Cricket
By Iron Mike
Development of spinners should definitely continue. It's good for the game and a hard art. The best spinners will get wickets on any surface with their skill which crowds love to see.

India for years had the same issue with seam which in England is the supposed strongest suit..home advantage and conditions do count more in international cricket but even in India fast bowlers get hauls proving their art too. County cricket is a mirror or microcosm of the test arena...teams should aim to have at least one specialist spinner. Lots of county sides had two...Middlesex sometimes had three. The more diverse the game and Xi the better it is for the game. Any decent batsman will always get runs too on any surface. The game is then open to all as a test.

Pitch policing has come on from the Harry Brind days...a dreaded figure on the circuit back in the day! To to be fair did a lot for the Worcester wicket when they and a visit there was feared in the late 80s/early 90s. That Worcester side proved how good they by winning in all conditions including a modified wicket at home.

Answer must be developing spinners and let pitches have something for everyone. With the reduction in cc perhaps counties play touring A or young subcontinent sides more often. If the EWCB want that mace back and keep it they will find a way!

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