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Amazing! If true the purpose of sport has just been reversed: ... ven-leads/
Joe Root has been told England must play an “exciting” brand of cricket under his captaincy – even if it sometimes leads to defeat. Tom Harrison, the chief executive of the England and Wales Cricket Board, revealed that Root was under orders to entertain as part of the governing body’s strategy to attract more children to the game.
Is it ever attractive when one keeps losing?
It can only be exciting and entertaining to someone who can see it.

Reading on the internet that England lost by one run is unlikely to attract anyone.

It's as though cricket is trying to follow darts. 

The top players going round playing games against each other. Get supporters in by the promise of seeing the leading stars (and plenty of beer). Don't care who wins because there is always another game tomorrow. All T20 of course as it needs to be done in an evening.

Players qualify by means of doing well as amateurs as clearly the county game is not important any more.

Of course even darts has a fair amount of coverage on ITV4.
As long as the boundaries are being cleared in T20, think that's all the matters  :-k

There's barely a day that passes now without some absolute rubbish coming from the mouth of Harrison or anyone else at the ECB hell bent on prostituting the game
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