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By Iron Mike
Why can't Glam have a colts side in the Swalec premier?

Hampshire have had theirs in their ECB Southern Electric Premier for years and are unrelegatable as it is for their development. The Hampshire Cricket Board run that so surely Cricket Wales can do the same, similar or even better? Unlike the Nursery Ground at the Rose Bowl perhaps club grounds could be used, forfeit home advantage mainly but the odd game at the Gardens?

Having lived down there there is no doubt it has paid dividends in keeping their county xi vibrant...instilling club/team ethos at a young age. And they have a following. Nothing against anyone but a genuine question...why can't Glam do likewise...the interest will surely be there from the cricketing public...especially as there is a dearth of weekend fc cricket and even the seconds play exclusively in midweek.

Appreciate the Wales MC side has and is a vehicle for youngsters coming through. Steve James had a chapter of the colts in his autobiography...didn't do him or someone like James Vince any harm. Our colts playing against the strongest our league can offer...Newport et al is surely a good thing.

Genuine question..why can't we have a Glam colts Xi in the top local league?
By glamman
It has been talked about and I think there are potential benefits. Arguements against are that the team may be dominated by a few players with others making up the numbers. Not sure I buy that.
There is obviously room to go to 12 teams but some clubs won't want that if they have to pay players for 4 extra games.
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