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By temporary
Surely time he was dropped from the one day team. Yet another hopeless performance today v Sussex. Just about every match he has been a disaster. Simply cannot retain any composure once he's leaked a few runs. And incredibly bad judgement by Northeast to give him another over immediately after he'd conceded 16 in his second. Give someone else a go, maybe Haggett, no one could do much worse.
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By madmickeyt
47 views and no replies - I guess everyone is just assuming you're letting of a bit of steam!

Am sure we all share your frustrations re Coles, and it does seem he bowled a couple of poor overs amongst the other 2 very good ones. Dont forget he took a hat trick the other day and is generally one of our better bowlers/players.

I would say, whilst he is by no means perfect, the way to iron out these problems is to keep playing and practicing, we cant just drop everyone when they have a bad game. I would be more inclined to ask the coaches what they are doing, but then again perhaps they would say they give him advice and he just ignores it, I dunno!

You could be right generally in that we seem to stick to the tried and trusted (but failures) and are slow to bring fresh blood into the team. Dickson has been unlucky not to play. Stevens and Blake have not done much, but are potentially explosive and match-winning players. But the fringe bowlers like Ball and Haggett have never really done much when given the chance.

I dont know if you have been following Martin Shaw's match commentaries on facebook. Whilst they are excellent, there are always a couple of moaners who want players dropped and kicked out the minute they bowl a bad over or lose their wicket. It's pathetic that they cant support their team for what it is.

I know you're a long time supporter, but saying something nice about the team now and again wouldn't do any harm!
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By temporary
It wasn't a general slagging off of the whole team, most players have contributed at some time or at least you can believe they might do. But Coles is the exception. He's been nothing but a disaster and has often been the difference between winning and losing and frankly selecting him for the last 4 must win matches is far too much of a gamble. His waywardness and lack of composure s not going to suddenly be corrected. I don't actually disagree with your description of him being one of our best bowlers, but that's only in the context of taking wickets in 4 day cricket, he's not the man for T20. And his hat trick was really just a novelty, it just took out some tail enders and had no real impact on the match situation.
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By gmdf
If Milne is fit for Friday (& later games), then there is an argument for resting Coles. However I suspect Milne won't be fit, and I'd be surprised if Coles doesn't play.
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By madmickeyt
Well Matt was rested/dropped and we won which was good. Haggett didn't over-impress but never mind.

We do agree that Coles needs some improvement, and yeah you're probably right it is not going to be sudden/immediate, but I do think we should persevere with him.

Temps I know you weren't generally moaning, I was just commenting about some of the stuff on facebook, mostly from kiddies but also some from guys who should know better.

I think we have missed the option of Fabian this year. Very effective bowler.
By temporary
I see Coles even managed to concede an incredible 40 runs off 3 overs in the dead 4th day v Leics. I wasn't there, does anyone know how he managed that?
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By gmdf
Cosgrove - rumoured to be unhappy with his coach- played a shot a ball(2x6, 3x4) off Coles first 5 balls, then skied a catch. Coles was bowling off a short run...

Make of that what you will!
By life of riley
Matt Coles is a very talented cricketer who I am sad to see leave. However it became obvious that something was amiss during the season. Losing him makes it plain to me and I would imagine all other Kent supporters that a massive rebuild is needed for next season. Will see what signings are made before making judgements but certainly need an influx of quality to have any chance of improvement in 2018
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By Summer of '77
I'm sad about Coles departing, even though I may still get to see a fair bit of him at my adopted county. He seems something of a mercurial soul; I've always found him cordially approachable but there appears to be a self-destructive streak lurking within. Or maybe just self doubt that manifests itself brashly? It's a great pity for him that Silverwood has departed Essex because he might have been the influence to restore Matt to full working order.

Particularly saddening is that Coles was - I believe - the only completely home grown Kent seam bowler to establish a regular place in the side since David Masters at the turn of the century. The dearth of local bowling talent is perhaps a matter for a separate discussion; suffice to say that when a talent does surface, the county can ill afford to see it go.
By Umpire
You are right about it being a shame for Coles that Silverwood has departed.

Silverwood spent all last season headhunting Coles, telling him he could be one of the top seamers in Division One and that taking wickets in the top tier would put him back in the England reckoning.

Possibly that was fanciful, but Coles was very much Silverwood's 'personal project' and believed what he was being told.

There is no guarantee that Silverwood's successor will feel the same way.
By Kent Clerk
>>Silverwood spent all last season headhunting Coles<<

Was that legal at the time? Genuine question.

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