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By TWrex
Will be a bit easier now that the webcam is back on at the Spitfire Ground, a little peek now & again will help pass the time. Took the edge of finding the small over 65's discount on my membership has vanished, will have to put back putting the heating on for a few more days to pay for it. Or is this one of the situations the heating allowance was brought in to cover?
Also Peter Tinniswood's 'Tales of the Brigadier' has just been rerun on Radio4extra, which were good to hear again. I forgot to set up last Saturday's final offering so went to the BBCiradioplayer to catch up on it. What joy to see on the programme page a picture of Richard Wilson, who narrated the series, superimposed over a background of the St. Lawrence ground. No floodlights or new pavilion, but the old white scorebox was on view together with the matching scorecard selling/printing hut.
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