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I'm a Yorkshireman. I didn't expect this and there will be a lot of bemused and upset people in the Shires as the news breaks.

People will obviously be wondering how come Gillespie is now prepared to work in England again after we had been told his wife wanted him to stay in Australia.

People will now be asking whether there were problems between Gillespie and Yorkshire when he decided to leave in 2016. Some people will doubtless ask whether Yorkshire tried to get him back to replace Andrew Gale as coach.

Some questions will need to be answered satisfactorily or, I'm afraid, this is likely to become yet another notorious incident in Yorkshire's colourful history.
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By gmdf
Kent Clerk wrote:... of Sussex, on a 3 year deal :(

That is some coup for them, and I can't help but feel envy.
Just have to hope that Donald does finally arrive with us and can make a similar impact.
Speaking of which... when will he be confirmed? If at all?
This question was asked at the club forums during the season (more than once!), and it was made pretty clear that the assumption is that he'll pass the coaching qualification he needs to get his visa and come in 2018, but the course is only held at certain times of the year, so we'll have to wait until then. We were told there was a deadline set (not sure when).

But I would have hoped we'd have had confirmation by now - fingers crossed we'll hear soon.

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