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By mav
onemorerun wrote:
Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:36 am
Before this match, he was still our leading wicket-taker, Now well ahead of the other bowlers and has scored more runs than eg Keogh from fewer innings.

When we were "talking" about such things it started as a chat about "big units" and as such he was included, when the discussion was about contracts he was not in question about a season to far.
By Ironside
I don't think there's any doubt about his figures for this year - its a question of when to call time and what we most need from our overseas player.
This year, and we really need to address it, our problem has been the middle order batting. Levi has played very well, particularly at the back end of the season and Holden did a good job before he was recalled. Rossington and Wakely were fitful but Cobb and Keogh have been very poor for most of the time. I think a good middle order batsmen, rather than another year of Kleinveldt, would be the way to go for the overseas position
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By mav
all depends where we end up I guess, Gleeson and Sanderson look to be a good basis for an attack.

Without Azhar we really only have 2 other quick bowlers, which was to few to begin with imho!

Kerrigan would be a replacement for Crook IMHO, but we are still short at least one proper bowler.
By Ironside
We must have plans to bring somebody in.
Murphy and Azhar we know are going and I suspect Crook is probably on the way out. So that will free up some money. Procter looks as if he could be a Crook replacement but I agree we need another fast bowler
By Vee
I was very surprised to read Bucksmans comment (below)concerning Alex Wakely.
Just to put the record straight, Alex Wakely was in the hospital with an injury and not even at the ground when the slow over rate occurred and we were deducted 5 points. Also the Supporters Club chose him and he won due to the greatest number of votes, so I am sure that not all of the crowd were in shock as many belong to the club!

Yes, Wakely supporters club player of the year. The crowd went into shock when it was announced! One century in the Championship and 2 fifties and a century in the 50 overs was all he did. Levi has a good average in all 3 comps. Newton has passed fifty 11 times in CC. Many others also deserved it more. Don't forget that those 5 lost points also go down to Wakely as he is the captain.
By onemorerun
I wasn't there at the time, so can't comment on the 'shock' in the crowd. However, the vote shocked me!

I thought the award was for limited overs (it used to be) but maybe it's now for everything.

I'm not disputing that Wakely got most votes, but based on the statistics, that does seem unwarranted. He seems to me to have had a pretty poor season. A comparison with Levi is fairly straightforward, as they are both non-bowling batsmen.

Limited overs/T20 runs - Wakely 505 runs @ average 36; Levi 680 @ average 52.

Total inc championship - Wakely 1,125 runs @ average 33; Levi 1,405 @ average 50.
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