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By LankyShark
Having spent two holidays in the mid-1990s watching cricket in the West Indies I have hated seeing them perform so badly for so many years now.

Putting aside any rivalries I am delighted that they won a Test today even though it was against England.

Hopefully England can win the series at Lords but in a tight game, and the Windies can go home with their heads held high and may this be a step on their way back.

Special congratulations to Shai Hope. The first player EVER to score two hundreds in the same FC match at Headingley. 534 games I heard though that does seem quite a lot.

As a Lancastrian clearly I recognise that as just under 1/2 the innings will have been played by Yorkshiremen then the challenge is made somewhat easier, but nevertheless a memorable and unique performance.
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By Iron Mike
Wow. What a run chase. Well paced and fully disciplined to get over the line with time to spare in the end.

This proves the test arena needs a strong West Indies. Perhaps this will give them the inspiration to kick on and get up the rankings bit by bit. This shows what can be done...and without their other pool of players who prefer playing t20.

They were the top international side when I was getting into the game. The county and club scene here had loads of West Indians over here...the media storm when Viv Richards came to Glam wasn't in the era of 24 hour rolling sports news on tv and radio but unreal for its day. Everyone pinched themselves...the players learned from the ultimate role model who taught a young team how to win. His prescence is still there in the picture of a scene at Canterbury in 93 on display at the Gardens. Somerset named a set of gates after him. Like their fans we're glad to have seen Viv sweat blood for the cause.

As the game has evolved since then the West Indies have largely been behind the pace, Lara's team aside. It mirrors the islands where you don't see kids play cricket so and football are now huge over there as I've seen for myself. In the last test perhaps they reached the nadir of poor fielding intensity and injudicious batting as if a culmination of many years decline. Much has been written about that, hopefully their game will now rise in a new era that won't be continuously compared to their fire in Babylon generation. Ultimately though, whilst t20 has its place, test cricket is still the biggest stage. England played their part too..fair play to Root for being gracious in defeat and knowing where his side is in readiness for the Ashes.
By hujon64
Enjoyed reading your articulate piece Iron Mike. What a match and what a result! An absorbing 5 days and no criticism from me of Root but praise for the determination of a WI side recovering from the defeat with consequent, damning reporting of their demise.

I like the present England side but some commentators gave little respect to the WI side when England won the first test and, now, they have been made to look very foolish!

Looking forward to next match.

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